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 these hearings. _-_-/ He then states_ _There may be a host of
 other timolol caused deaths that we may never know about_ _4741
 In sum, IOP-!owering agents, even when properly
 prescribed_ can produce devastating adverse effects, yet are
 { accepted as _safe # for use under medical supervision. As Dr o
 MezTitt explains:
 Despite their life threatenin_ adverse
 effects, theme drugs are all deemed #safe _
 for use in glaucoma therapy. Medically
 speaking_ the adverse consequences of using
 these drugs is generally outweighed by the
 reason for their use -_ the prevention of
 pro(/re_sive sight loss. The adverse
 effects, while acknowledged, are an accepted
 risk. Simply stated, these drugs are
 considered Hsafe_ because their adverse
 consequences are considered less threatening
 to the patient than blindness_ the
 consequence of withholding treatment°--;
 (ii) __i Therapies
 Surgical procedures to reduce intraocular pressure are
 considered only as an option of Ulast resort. _ In part, this is
 due to the high incidence of failure to reduce I0P associated
 with these procedures. It also reflects the very real dangers
 involved in ocular surgery° As Keith Green, PhoD. states:
 [With] any surgery you can have an adverse
 effect. Death is the ultimate adverse
 effect. Any time anyone goes under general
 anesthesias there i_=_lways a possibility of
 that person dyingo _-_I
 47_/ Cross-examination of Dr. John Merritt_ Tr. 10-129.
 7_ Rebuttal Affidavit of Dr. John Merritt _ 19o
 476/ Cross_examination of Keith Green, PhoD., Tr. 10-93.

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