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 determined to be a result of drug inter_ctions; and the cause of
 death could not be determined in six other cases.469/
 Siqnificantly, Keith Green, PhoD. omitted any mention
 of the potentially lethal consequences of any of the currently
 accepted IOP-reducing drugs in his direct testimony_ However, on
 cross-examination r_arding timoloi, Green states:
 The number of adverse effects [caused by
 timoloi] were substantial, quite high, but
 then they dropped off to 10% of normal o .
 ii_ Even so, one is tempted to use [beta _
 blockersJ rather guardedly to start off with
 and then as one gains confidence that the
 patient isn't going to suffer
 effects, then go ahead with it. _I
 When questioned further about Timolol_s potential
 lethality, Green states_ _I think there have been about 30, 32
 deaths reported from the use of topical Timoptic (timoloi's brand
 name)® _47i/ Significantly_ Green's comments on timolol_s
 adverse effects, mirror those tendered by Dr. Merritt°
 Green alleges, however, that the adverse effect
 reports filed with FDA were only significant in the drugSs first
 four years of marketing. _/-_/ Dr. Merritt disagrees, and notes
 the number of reported patient deaths, attributed to timolol_ has
 increased from 32 to 41 confirmed fatalities during the course of
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