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 Ph.D. notes Phospholine lodide_ a miotic drug developed from a
 World War XX nerve gas, also causes cataracts. _-Z/
 ! ........
 Timolol recently approved by %_e Food and Drug
 Administration as safe in reducing IOP also has adverse side
 More than 3_000 reports of adverse events,
 attributed to topical timolol were reported
 from September, 1978 through December, 1985
 to the Food & Drug Administration . _
 Serious adverse respiratory events from
 topical beta blockers (FDA-defined) consists
 of respiratory failure, respiratory distress,
 dympnea_ broncho spasm, asthma_ wheezing,
 bronchitis, apnea, pulmonary edema,
 diminished pulmonary functions and exacer-
 bation of preexisting respiratory disease° .
 ® _ Serious adverse cardiovascular events
 ...... were defined as follows: cardiac arrests
 myocardial infarction, angina_ chest pains
 arrhythmia, bradycardia_ tachycardia_
 palpitations_ heart failure, cardiospasm,
 cerebrovascular accident [stroke]_ syncope,
 unspecified cardiovascular di:sorders, and
 _+_i exacerbation of preexisting cardiovascular
 disease. Reports of hypertension, dizziness,
 headache, and hypotension not resulting in
 s  ope not considered to bo
 Dro John Merritt_ in reviewing timolol°s adverse
 effects notes 212 were deemed serious, and resulted in at least
 32 confirmed patient deaths. Thirteen of these cases were deemed
 cardiovascular deaths; 12 were respiratory deaths; one case was
 _67/ Cross-examination of Keith Greene PhoD._ Tr° 9-92_-9_93 &
 9-163-164. Dro Merritt provides a graphic illustration of
 Phospholline Iodide_s adverse consequences including paralysis_
 Merritt Tr. i0_203-204 & 218.
 _/ Rebuttal affidavit of Dr° John Merritt, _ 17o
 143 -

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