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 The adverse physical consequences resulting
 from the chronic use of _ _ o glaucoma
 control drugs include a vast range of
 i.i_._i_ unintended complications from mild problems
 like drug-induced fevers, skin rashes,
 headaches, anorexia, asthma, pulmonary
 difficulties, hypertension_ hypotension and
 muscle cramps, to truly serious_ even life-
 threatening complications including the
 i! formation of cataracts_ stomach and
 intestinal ulcers, acute respiratory
 distress, increases and decreases in heart
 rate and pulse, disruption of heart function,
 chronic and aguteA_gal diseases and bone
 marrow depletlono _u_
 i! Merritt continues:
 Finally, this partial listing must also
 include a candid recognition that each drug
 family used in glaucoma therapy is capable of
 producing a lethal response_ even when
 ...... :i properly prescribed and used. Epinephrine
 can lead to elevated blood pressure which may
 result in stroke or heart attacks Miotic
 drugs suppress respiration and can cause
 respiratory paralysis. Diuretic drugs, so
 alter basic body chemistry they cause renal
 :,,< stones_ and may destroy the patientSs
 kidneys_ or result in deaths due to heart
 failure. Timolol and related beta-blocking
 agents, the most recently approved family of
 glaucoma_control drugst can trigger severe
 asthma attacks or cause death due to sudden
 .... cardiac4_hythmias _ often producing
 arresto _
 Dr. Hepler confirms that the miotic and carbonic
 anhydrase inhibiting agents are also lethal. 4_/ Keith Green,
 464/ Rebuttal Affidavit of Dr_ John Merritt, at _ 12, 13
 46_/ I__o _ 12_ 15.
 466/ Affidavit of Robert Randall, Exhibit 2B, Affidavit of
 Robert S. Hepler at _ 8 (a) and (c).
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