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 induce by medical or surgical means a reduction of intraocular
 pressure. The reduction of intraocular pressure is the only
 #validated m (Spaeth}, #clinically effective m (Hepler/AAO)_
 WreliableW (Merritt) means of treatment and the only recognized
 !_ way known to modern medicine for preserving the sight of a persoD
 afflicted with glauccmao As Dr. Merritt concludes:
 There simply is no other accepted standard
 against which to judge the weffectivenessN of
 a glaucoma control therapy° .All drugs now
 accepted as _effective w in the treatment of
 _,,_i. glaucoma were deemed to be effective because
 they significantly reduce intraocular pres-
 sure. There is no ether basi_s upon which
 this detezrminat_ of effectiveness was
 reached° None. _-_/
 2o _hlrrent TheraDie_
 While preservation of sight is the goal of glaucoma
 therapy, reducing intraccular pressure is the_only known
 treatment means by which to achieve this goal. Regardless of the
 mode of treatments whether pharmacological or surgical_ the
 purpose of the therapy remains the same: to reduce the patient's
 intraocular pressure (#XOP_)°
 The preservation of human sight is unquestionably a
 worthy medical objective. Dr. John Merritt testified:
 The onset of blindness in middle age or later
 throws patients into a wholely alien world.
 They can no longer do the work they once did.
 They are unable to read a newspaper, drive a
 car, shops walk freely and do all the m_igd
 things sighted people take for granted. _I
 _35/ /_o at _ 55.
 _u3_/ RebuttalAffidavit of Dr. John Merritt, _ 8.

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