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 pressures do progressive injury to the optic disk until the
 patient is blind.
 One variant of POAG -- low tension glaucoma -- results
 in continuing damage to the optic disks even though the patients
 ocular tensions are consistently within the statistically
 accepted Wnormal _ range -_ below 20/22 _m HG_ _2_/ One witness,
 Mr. Edward Carts has been diagnosed as suffering from this type
 of POAG. 425/
 --. The absence of pain (in most cases) means many glaucoma
 patients are only properly diagnosed after they have suffered
 extensive_ irreparable damage to their vision° This is starkly
 ....! illustrated in the case of Robert Randall, who developed visual
 symptoms indicative of glaucoma in his late teens. 4-2-_/ Due to
 his youths however_ glaucoma was not suspected and his condition
 was misdiagnosed as _eyestrain. _/ By the time Mr. Randall
 was properly diagnosed at the age of 24_ he had already sustained
 massive damage to the optic disk in both eyes =_ estimated to be
 around 85% nerve dead, had greatly diminished peripheral vision
 in both eyes, and had suffered a loss of central field or
 reading vision in his right eye. _2_/
 _2_/ Affidavit of Edward Cart, _I 5_ 19.
 _2__/ Affidavit of Robert Randall, Exhibit 2A, I 2.
 428/ Affidavit of Robert Randall, _I 39-40; Affidavit of Robert
 Randall_ Exhibit '2B Affidavit of Dr_ Robsrt Hepler at _ 13.
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