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 Following Hepler_s 1971 report, marijuana gained
 acceptance in the medical community and among patients as a d1_/g
 that effectively lowers intraocular pressures Scientific studies
 performed in the wake of Hepler_s startling discovery confirm
 that marijuana is effective in reducing: IOP_ and is safe for use
 under medical supervision, paz_icu!arly compared with the other
 dz_qe and procedures employed by opthamologists in the treatment
 of glaucoma.
 Despite a large, consistent body of scientific
 knowledge demonstrating what Hepler called marijuana's "obvious _
 medical utility in the treatment of glaucomas the drug's Schedule
 ..... I classification bars glaucoma patients from legally benefiting
 from its uses Only those glaucoma patients who are willing to
 break the law, or who have the financial resources needed to
 engage inyears of legal wangling with the federal government
 are able to benefit from this sight-preserving drugs
 i. Background
 The National Eye Institute defines glaucoma as a
 Uvisual lost associated with increased pressure within the
 ....._ eye. _9-_/ Alternatively_ NEX has defined glaucoma as
 _an eye disease characterized by increased
 pressure within the eye (intracular pres-
 sure)_ and progressive damage to the optic
 405,/ ACT Official State Reports Vole If, Exhibit i0_ New Jersey
 Glaucoma Protocol at 9 (quoting .qi__o___ The National Eye
 Institute, National Institutes of Health, Public Health Servicer
 Washington_ D.C., November_ 1979_ at I)

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