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 what they might expect and help them .... the patients tolerated
 it very well. _-_-7-/
 d. Marijuana Is Safer Than Other Drugs
 Used ' Che o a a__T_/L_____
 Patients and physicians testified that marijuana is
 safer.than drugs utilized in chemotherapy treatment° Mac Nutt_
 in reference to her son Keith_ testified that:
 marijuana was the safests most benign
 drug [Keith] received during the course
 of his battle against cancer m and that it
 _was immeasurably safer than the lethal
 chemotherapeutic agents which were supposed
 to prolong [Keith's] life. _/
 Mona Taft expressed outrage at the fact that while physicians
 were able to prescribe highly toxic chemotherapeutic drugst
 dangerously addictive narcotics and radiation treatments, they
 _ were unable to prescribe marijuanas _the only drug which actually
 seemed to be helping my husband. R_/ John Dunsmore, Jro_
 regarding the treatment received by his _son, emphatically
 remarked that:
 [t]o pretend that marijuana is more dangerous
 than those lethal chemicals is sheer non-
 sense _ . ® [c_ompared to Cisplatin or Metho-
 trexate or Vincris_ marijuana is a _walk
 through the park. _I
 _9!/ Cross-examination of Dr° Daniel Dansak, Tr° II-ii0 to iI-_2:_
 _/ Affidavit of Mac Nutt_ _ 69.
 _99/ Affidavit of Mona Tarts _ 34.
 40Q/ Affidavit of John J° Dunsmore_ Jr°_ _ 60-61°

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