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 c. Mari_uana Is sa_e/___h___q_erAnt£emetics
 i Physicians have testified that marijuanaSs side
 effects are minor in comparison with other antiemetics_ Dr.
 Silverberg testified that:
 _Decadron is a dangerous drug in any
 _,_,/ _-_ sense of the word_ [it is the best immune
 suppressive and 3 also causes "in chronic
 :_usage, secondary infections like pneumocystis
 pneumonia, MAX or Micro bacterium avian intra _
 cellular . o . psychosis_ bleeding ulcer,
 blood disorders and on. "_{
 On Compazine and Compazine_like drugs_ Si!verberg added, that:
 [they] can cause hepatic damages colistatis,
 jaundice and death . . _ and have caused in
 several of my patients, a cere/}ellar dysfunc-
 ...... tion o . o they begin to shake and have
 spasms of their muscles and have to go to
 the emergency rooms for shots of Benedryl. 9_/
 When asked how these side effects compare with marijuana_s side
 effects, Dr. Silverberg emphatically affirmed:
 I have never seen a serious side effect
 or heard of a serious side effe_ct in any
 of my patients [who smoked marijuana. ]_-_/
 Dro Dansak testified that the adverse effects of marijuana
 compared to the side effects of other antiemetics are "quite
 mild, minor" and that marijuana's adverse effects "were quite
 tolerable . o . easily manageable . . . not severer very short
 lived and if you apprise the patients of them and [tell] them
 _4/ Redirect of Dr. Ivan Silverberge Tr° 3=144.
 39_/ /_. at Tr. 5-144 & 3-145. ___ als_ Redirect of Dr. John
 Bickersn Tro 2=122 & 2-123 (metraproclamide and peradole cause
 severe spasms).
 __9./ /_. at 3_146_
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