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 marijuana. In two of the cases_ patients experienced panic
 reactions while using oral THC_ In these instances_ brief
 counseling was all that was required to relieve patient anxiety°
 In the third case, the patient experienced a rapid increase in
 heart rate. Dro Daniel Dansak testified, however, that it is
 _difficul_to know precisely whether [the rapid increase in heart
 rate_ras due to her underlying conditions caused by the intense
 vomiting, or whether it was triggered by the use of
 _ marijuana. _9-Q/ This data generated by the New Mexico program
 led Dr. Daniel Dansak to conclude that W_arijuana is an
 extremely esafe' drug. _39-mi/
 The _q__/iq study noted only one common side effect of
 the drug =- sedation. Other occasional side effects included
 short-lasting episodes of tachycardia in the range of I00 to 120
 beats/minute_ dizziness and dysphoric reactions. With respect
 to the first two side effects_ the study indicated that the
 episodes were nwell tolerated and required no specific medical
 intervention. "9_/ Regarding the dysphoric reactionsf the
 study noted that _no other intervention besides reassurance of
 the patient was necessary to treat these adverse reactions. _93/
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 _93/ /__. See _ for other State Programs: Michigan Program_
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