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 characterized as a mmild# effect. 38_/ Dr. Stephens_ who knows
 at least seventy-five of the cancer patients in his care have
 ..... _. used marijuanas testified that he was aware of only one patient
 who had what could be termed an adverse response to
 marijuana. 987/ The patient, marijuana naive and a non-smoker,
 experienced a #panic response # which was #highly transitory H and
 Wdid. not cause the patient any long-term or significant injury
 either biological or mental. R2_-_9-/ In analyzing this situation,
 _ Dr. Ronald Stephens pointed out_that the insecurity and stress
 involved in obtaining an illegal drag, the lack of appropriate
 medical supervision, and the untimely administration of the drug
 Nvery likely # led to an overdose and added that:
 Realizing that all the patients who smoked
 marijuana for the treatment of their chemo-
 therapy-induced emesis confronted many of
 these same problems ([non-_smokers_ criminality,
 insecurity, high stress treatment)_ it is. aston o
 ishing to me that more patients who chose to
 use marijuana did not have adverse reactions.
 The fact that only one patient had an adverse
 reaction serious enough to bring it to my attention
 _. 9heraD_y wa__. (Emphasis added. )
 The reports of patients and physicians are confirmed
 by the medical studies. In the New Mexico program, there were
 only three instances of adverse effects reported by the 250
 patients enrolled -_ none of them invo!vinq solely the use of
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 387/ Affidavit of Dr. Ronald Stephens_ _ 12; Cross-examination
 of Dro Ronald Stephens, Tr_ 2-139 & 2_140o
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 389/ Affidavit of Dr_ Ronald Stephens_ _ 15o
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