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 that marijuana is safer than conventional antiemetic_, and far
 safer than the chemical agents used in chemotherapy treatment°
 a. Historical Report of Marijuana_s Use for Digestive
 ___2u_l_Other Ailments Indicate lts Safety.
 As noted_ _, marijuana has been used as medicine
 for thousands of years and for the treatment of many different
 ailments including digestive upsetso _/ Anecdotal reports on
 the use of marijuana have been documented in hundreds of studies
 and articles. These studies and articles confirm not only that
 marijuana was efficacious but also that it was safe for use under
 medical supervision° 38_4/
 b® Marljuana s Use Under Medical Supervision Has
 Caused No Serious Adverse Effects, but Rather
 Extremely Few Minor Side 1_ffects in the Large
 t' s av _sed o _ _
 Patients°have testified that they have experienced no
 adverse effects resulting from marijuana_s use as an
 antiemetico 3-9_/ Oncologists also affir_ that no serious adverse
 effects were encountered by their patients who used marijuana.
 Dro ivan Si.lverberg, who has been in contact with hundreds of
 cancer patients using marijuana as an antiemetic, testified that
 "the only side effect I've seen, would be sedation" which he
 _9__/ See s_ at 35-36.
 2u__/ Cross-examination of Dr. Norman Zinberg, Tr° 11-244;
 Affidavit of Dr_ Lester Grinmpoon_ _ 2.
 2__/ Cross=examination of Mac Mutt, Tr® 5-44 ("Xeith never
 experienced a side effect"); Affidavit of Mona Tarts _ 35 ("never
 encountered an adverse ® . . reaction"); Affidavit of John James
 Dunsmore, Ill, _ 69 (no adverse reaction)_
 • 4

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