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 still use marijuana to treat their e_esis. Oncologists_
 researchers_ and physicians throughout the United States accept
 marijuana's use in treatment and agree it is generally accepted
 throughout the medical community° State governments and
 prominent legal organizations have also accepted marijuana_s
 '_ medical.utility_ demanding that it be reclassified under the
 Controlled Substances Act and made available to patients on a
 prescription basis_ Finally_ the general public also accepts
 _ marijuana as medicine Two polis_ conducted in the states of
 Nebraska and Pennsylvania, revealed that more than eighty percent
 of the. respondents favored prescription access to marijuana. 2_2J
 i0o Marijuana Xs Safe For Use Under Medical
 Zumervisio_ nce e o e_taDy.
 Overwhelming evidence has been produced in this case
 showing that marijuana is a safe drug under medical supervision
 for the treatment of emesis associated with cancer chemotherapy.
 _Q 0
 Historical reports of marlDuana s medical use suggest that it is
 a safe drug. No significant adverse effects of marijuana smoking
 under medical supervision have been introduced into evidence.
 Despite extensive testings only minor side effects have been
 encountered by the significantly large population of cancer
 patients that have used the drug°. Studies demonstrate that the
 drug can be safely administered under medical supervision for
 treatment of emesis. Finally, clinicians and researchers agree
 _/ Redirect of Alice O_Leary_ Tro 5_128 & 5-129.

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