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 the Sheriff of Imperial County to release confiscated marijuana
 in the form of cigarettes to the authorized cancer patients _-l_/
 8o Other Indications of Marijuana_s
 Accepted Medical Use for Emesis
 _,_. ___As noted_ __q_r_ marijuana was listed routinely in all
 the pharmacopeias in the United States since colonial times
 until almost mid-Twentieth Century. Among its medical uses was
 that of gastrointestinal distreSSo 7_/
 ., Upon the widespread acceptance gained by marijuana in
 the 1970es as an antiemetic_ medical te_Zbooks included
 references of such medical application. Dr. John Morgan
 testified that the Merck Manual includes a section written by
 himself on marijuana_s therapeutic potential including its
 applicability as an antiemetic agent. 380/ Also, he mentioned a
 monograph published by .the Federal Govez_ent in 1985 which also
 contains references to marijuana6s antiemetic properties. 381/
 9. A Substantial Segment of Our Society Accepts
 Ma _ na a ti-emetic.
 Based upon the.foregoing, it is clear a substantial
 segment of our society accepts marijuana as an antiemetic
 treatment. An innumerable numberof cancer patients have and
 ___./ Affidavit of Dr. Norman Zinberg_ _ 14o
 __q/ Cross-examination of Dr. John Morgan_ Tr. 6-210.

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