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 Glaucoma and cancer patients_ promised medical
 access to marijuana under the laws of Michigan_
 are being_@prived of such access by federal
 After outlining a series of complaints_ the Resolution
 then calls on the President and the Congress to seek appropriate
 legislative or administrative remedies and reads:
 That the Congress of the United States be
 urged to seek to remedy federal policies
 which prevent the several states from acquire
 ing_ inhibit physicians from prescribing,
 and prevent patients from obtaining marijuana
 _ for legitimate medical applications_ by ending
 federal prohibitions against _/_e legitimate
 and appropr_ use of marijuana in medical
 treatments. _
 New Mexicoes former Secretary of Healths George
 Goldstein, in his testimony very thoroughly described the
 conflicts between the state's legislative intent and federal
 policy as reflected in exchanges between the New Mexico
 Department of Health and the Federal Food[ and Drug Adminis _
 tration® The FDA required that New Mexico establish a highly
 controlledt double-blinds randomized research program in order to
 secure federal supplies of medicinal marijuana. This meant that
 half of the patients entering the program would receive a placebo
 and, due to the extensive reporting requirements, the program
 would be limited to large medical centers_ This approach was
 inconsistent with the intent of New Mexico law to provide
 marijuana to cancer patients on a treatment basis. Thus, New
 Mexico officials did not accept FDA's demands. As a results New
 ._.I/ Affidavit of Mac Nutts Exh. E_
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