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 As noted by Robert To Stephan, attorney general of
 Kansas and former president of the National Association of
 ..... Attorneys General, the state legislatures recognized marijuana's
 medical value in _an effort to make the drug available, by
 prescription, to patients with legitimate medical needs, n37---Q/
 A clear indication of this intent is given by the
 conflicts that occurred between the Federal Food and Drug
 A_ministration and the state governments regarding the imple -
 mentation of these laws. The states, seeking to create viable
 programs of patient access to marijuanas were confounded by
 federal agencies which wanted the states tc set up highly
 ._._. ccntrolled, double-blind _ randomized research programs° In
 Michigan_ for examples after two years of conflict between the
 local Department of Public Health and FDA, the Michigan
 legislatures in response to the conduct of federal agencies_
 enacted a Resolution which provides:
 Federal agencies have o . . through
 regulatory ploys and obscure b_Lreaucratic
 devices_ resisted and obst_cted the intent
 of the Michigan legislature ....
 370J Affidavit of Robert T. Stephan_ _ 7. _9__ __gq for
 individual states: ___ana, Affidavit of Dr_ Philip Jobs
 (former Chairman of the Louisiana Prescription Review Board) _ 6
 (intent of the law was to make marijuana available tc seriously
 ill patients with legitimate medical needs upon the prescription
 cf a licensed physician); _2_/Ci_, Affidavit of George
 Goldstein (former Secretary cf Health of New Mexico), _ 20 (the
 law reclassified marijuana to Schedule II so it could be provided
 to patients under a physician's supervision for treatment of
 emesis and glauccma)_ Affidavit of Dro Daniel Dansak, _ 8
 (#intent of the law was quite clear: Tc provide marijuana to
 cancer patients for their use within the .=ontext of medical
 therapym)_ Californian Affidavit of Dr_ Ivan Silverberg, _ 43_
 44 (Rpurpose of [law] was to make marijuana available, by
 ..... prescriptions to cancer patients_ and to patients suffering from
 - III

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