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 effect, cessation of vomiting, occurs° This allows the patient
 to maximize the benefit and minimize possible side effects. With
 an oral medications titration is impossible and thus overdose is
 more likelyo 36_/
 Finally_ marijuana also presents some significant
 advantages over several of the #newer _ intravenously administered
 drugs used for treatment of emesis° Firsts there are practical
 reasons° Marijuana is self-administrable by the patients_
 themselves, whereas the Wnew_ antiemetics are most often given
 intravenously. 3--_/ Aiso_ these new combinations require
 hospitalization involving significant cost and time. Thusw they
 are untenable and unrealistic to the current common practice of
 oncology involving mostly out_patient treatment. _66/ It would be
 _physically impossible x to administer these combinations in the
 .context of an out-p_tient practiceo _-§-l/ Second, and most
 significantly, there are humanitarian reasons° Hospitalization
 of these patients for every different chemotherapy treatment may
 take away a significant period of their remaining lifetime. Dr.
 _./ Affidavit of Dr o Ronald Stephens, _ 17; Redirect of Dr o
 Ronald Stephens, Tr. 2_!51. _ _ Affidavit of Dr. John
 Morgan, _ 43 (titration prevents overdose situation)o Cross-
 examination of Dro John Morgan, Tro 6_27_.3 (titration is common
 form of administration--M, opioid narcotics, analgesics);
 Redirect of Dr_ Ivan Silverberg, Tr. 3-151 (titration is a common
 form of administration-_ioe___, anti-asthma drugs); Affidavit of
 Madelyn Brazis, _ 56 (inhalation allows for extremely fine
 manipulation of the dose)o
 3_/ Redirect of Dr. John Bickers_ Tro 2-124.
 36__6/ Cross-examination of Dr. !van Silverberg_ Tr. 3_127 & 3-
 128 o
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