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 Seconds the route of administration of the drugs by
 inhalation, is deemed a significant advantage over other
 antiemetics. This is clear when compared with other oral
 medication (_, THC and Compazine)_ Pills are orally
 administered and can be vomited ups whereas marijuana, which is
 ',_ inhaled, bypasses the digestive system and has a rapid onset of
 Madelyn Brazis_ former Head Nurse for the New Mexico
 i_ program, graphically described the difference between inhalation
 of marijuana and oral ingestion of THC:
 As one patient put it, once you ingest
 the capsules you're committed and there's
 nothing that you can do to get rid of them
 except to be nauseated. A lot of times
 cancer patients are so nauseated they cannot
 keep capsules down. They just canSt. What
 happens usually -_ in fact I had several
 _ situations where a patient would take the
 capsules, would take fifteen milligrams_ and
 then would vomit and led be digging around
 in the vomit trying to find the capsules in
 order to determine whether or not I could give
 him o _ . anything for four hourst which was very
 unethical not to give them anything but we did
 not want to give them more t_61_crease the side
 effect [from synthetic THCJo _--
 Thirds and as a result of inhalations marijuana allows
 for a patient to have more control of the drug dose. By inhaling
 the drug, the patient is better able to control the dosage. He
 or she simply discontinues ful_cher dosing when the desired
 .... _/ Cross_examination of Madelyn Brazis, Tr. 7_21o ___ also
 Affidavit of Dr. John Bickers, _ 14 (inhalation clear advantage
 over oral medication); Affidavit of Dr o Ronald Stephensp _ 17
 (inhalation is the most outstanding fact distinquishing oral THC
 and marijuana); Cross_examination of Dr_ John Morgan, Tr. 6-272
 (inhalation a more effective way of delivering medication);
 ..... ! Cross-examination of Dr. Thomas Ungerleidere Tro 4-117 (noting
 significance of inhalation route with bone marrow patients).
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