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 (13) Oregon Medical Association. _-_/
 (14) Georgia Medical Association. 360/
 d_ Benefits and Advantages of
 a °Cu nt _ mt'
 Physicians agree that marijuana is a drug that, in
 addition to its antiemetic properties, presents a number of
 benefits in the treatment of cancer patients° First, marijuana
 is an appetite stimulant.
 Dr. Silverberg noted that this factor is important
 First, the patient retains his basic
 .... strength, strength he needs to fight his
 cancer. Second, by being able to eat and by
 being able to interact with other people who
 are eatina_ the patient's quality of life is
 enhanced. 6_/
 ..... In addition, physicians point out that no other drugs possess
 appetite stimulant propertieso ._62/
 _59/ I do at 1979-27.
 360/ Affidavit of Mona Taft, _ 72_
 36_/ Affidavit of Dr. Ivan Silverberg, _ 40-41; s_ also
 Redirect of Dr. Daniel Dansak, Tr_ I1-121 (appetite stimulant
 factor allows patients to live a longer and better quality of
 life); Redirect of Dr. Andrew Weil, Tr. 4-53 & 4-54 (appetite
 stimulant factor significant for cancer patients); Affidavit of
 Dr. Lester Grinspoon (citing study confir_ing marijuana's
 appetite stimulant properties); Affidavit of Dr. Ronald Stephens,
 19 (appetite stimul_unt factor as important as antiemetic
 properties). For patients' viewsg se_, ___p/_a at 43.
 3_/ Redirect of Dr. Ivan Silverberg, Tr. 3-131; Redirect of
 Dr. Andrew Weil, Tr. 4-53 & 4_54o Dr. Daniel Dansak referred to
 one occasion in which FDA provided marijuana to a patient based
 solely on its appetite stimulant properties. Affidavit of Dr_
 Daniel Dansak, I 62.

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