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 In 1978. the head of the oncol, oqy deparment at a New
 York hospital noted that mthere is a la_e underground network of
 doctors who do not prescribe but who do not object to patients
 taking marijuana to diminish pain from chemotherapyŽ #_35/
 Mona Taft testified that marijuana release for medical
 uses_ including emesis treatment, received strong support from
 the Georgia medical establishment including the Chief of Ontology
 at Grady Hospitals oncologists at EmoryUniversity Medical Clinic
 and other respected physicians from around the state. _36/
 b. Other__
 Not only the oncologic community_ but also doctors in
 general agree that marijuana has medical utility as an antiemetic
 and, thus_ should be available for oncologists to prescribe to
 their patients. A number of them have testified in these
 proceedings_ namely:
 (1) e re' , for_er Secretary of Health for
 the State of New Mexico from 1978 to 1983 and chief administrator
 in the implementation of the New Mexico P'rogramo 3--_/
 _/ ACT Media Article_ Vol. Is 1978oI1o
 3_3_/ Affidavit of Mona Taftt _ 54s 55.
 __l/ Affidavit of George Goldstein_ _I 6s 53-58_
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