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 Dr. Kaufaan testified that four of the group of
 oncologists he works with are from Philadelphia. On their
 reaction to the use of marijuana as an antiemetic, he testified
 their patients are utilizing marijuana, and
 all of them approve although they themselves
 do not spe_$cally encouraqe or prescribe
 [if _ed]. _s
 (12) _xi_gma
 Dr. Andrew Weil, Associate Director of the Division of
 Social Perspectives in Medicine at the College of Medicine at the
 University of Arizona, testified that th,_ nursing staff and some
 physicians at a hospital in Tucson encourage the use of
 Dr. William Regelson_ an oncologist and Professor of
 Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia testified that:
 marijuana is a mgood # anti-nausea dln/q and that he is aware of
 other oncologists who share the same view, accepting marijuana
 for emesis treatment_ _2_/
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 Dr. Andrew Weil, Tr. 4-40.
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