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 Dr. Kaufman testified that five of the group of
 oncologists in contact with him through his work at the
 ...... Department of Defense are from the Washington metropolitan areas
 With regard to these oncologists, he added that Ntheir patients
 are utilizing marijuana, and all of them approve although they
 themselves do not specifically encourage or prescribe [its
 (lO) w_in_ton_S_ta_e
 Janet Andrews testified that her son, Josh_ was treated
 for his cancer at a hospital in the city of Spokane. With regard
 to the reaction of the medical personnel to her sonS, ingestion
 of marijuana to treat his emesis, she testified:
 I explained to the doctors and nurses exactly
 what I planned to do. None of them raised
 ...... the slightest mbjection. They seemed to
 accept that smoking marijuana reduced nausea
 and vomiting and were curious to know if
 eatin_3_rijuana-laced cookies could also
 help. _I
 Alice O'Leary, in her testimony, referred to a poll
 conducted by the Washington State Medical Association revealing
 that eighty percent of their members favored controlled
 availability of marijuana for medical purposes. 33_/
 ._2_./ Redirect of Dr. Arthur Kaufman, Tr. 9-241.
 ____q/ Affidavit of Janet Andrews, _ 31.
 _.i/ Cross-examination of Alice O_Lea_y_ Tr. 5-129.

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