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 Based on my knowledge of medicine and on a
 thorough review of the dates it is clear to
 me that marijuana has a number of #accepted
 medical uses w o Marijuana's value as
 an antiemetic drug has been proven on cancer
 patients who experience the severe nausea and
 vomiting caused by ma_59hemot_erapy and
 radiation treatments. _i
 and on the reaction of the oncologic community in Maryland, he
 In 1979 or 1980_ I spoke in favor of
 legislation proposed in Maryland to recognize
 marijuanaSs therapeutic properties and to
 make t_he drug medically available to certain
 patients afflicted with life- or sense-
 threatening diseases° This effort was not
 successful despite strong support_gm
 Maryland patients and physicians. _ol
 In additions he testified that there is ma lot of
 verbal communication concerning [marijuanaSs] therapeutic use _
 within the medical community and made reference to a panel
 discussion on the subject matter recalling that _clinicians who
 were speaking felt very strongly that [marijuana] was a very
 important adjunct in ontology. _-l/
 (9) Washington. D.C_
 Dr. Deborah Goldberg testified that:
 [I]f I were in a situation where it came up
 to prescribe [marijuana] for nausea in cancer
 chemotherapy patients_ I would prescribe
 3_/ Affidavit of Dr. Arthur Kaufman, I 18°
 3_/ /__. at _ 16-17.
 _2_7/ Cross_examination of Dro Arthur Kaufman_ Tr. 9-217.
 _2c_/ Redirect of Dr. Deborah Goldberg_ Tr® 7_188 & 7-189.
 t fl 170
 100 -

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