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 (7) New Mexico
 Dr. Dansak_ main participant in the New Mexico research
 program with marijuanas testified that:
 There is no doubt in my mind that marijuana
 is an effective anti-emetic drug, and I would
 not hesitate to prescribe marijuana to
 patient for whom its use was indicated. _/
 In reference to the oncologic community in New Mexico_
 Dr. Dansak testified that at one point every oncologist in the
 state was involved in the New Mexico pró_ram, and that there was
 a total acceptance of marijuana as a treatment for cancer. 32_/
 Madelyn Brazis testified that the seventeen different onco!ogists
 she worked with agreed that marijuana was more effective than THC
 capsules. _2-_/
 (8) Marv lan_
 Dr_ Arthur Kaufman, a general practitioner who has had
 extensive contacts with physicians in many medical specialties,
 both in his role as former Vice President of Quality Assurance at
 Prince George;s Hospitals 32--// and currently as Vice President of
 a private medical consulting group involved in the evaluation of
 quality care at all 167 UoS. military hospitals_ 2u2-4/ testified
 __q/ Affidavit of Dr. Daniel Dansak_ _ 63.
 _!/ Cross-examination of Dr. Daniel Dansak, Tr. 11-92.
 3_/ Redirect of Madelyn Brazis_ Tr. 7--50.
 323/ Cross-examination of Dro Arthur Kaufman, Tr. 9-205░
 3241 I d. at Tr. 9-198; Affidavit of Dr. Arthur Kaufman, _ 2s 3o

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