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 (5) MigAiqan
 Mac Nutt, who has worked for nearly a decade with an
 oncol0gist and at the Cancer Center of a Michigan hospital,
 testified that:
 Doctors are still telling violently ill
 _. patients to smoke marijuana to relieve their
 nausea and vomiting and the patients are
 still getting marijuana off the streets _ o o
 Marijuana is being used medically, but not
 legally. I know many do_s who quietly support
 marijuanaes medical use° _;
 John James Dunsmore, III, who is currently being
 treated for cancer at a hospital in Denver and uses marijuana to
 gain relief from the emesis_ testified that:
 The doctor knows I sm smoking marijuana° If
 there was .any way in the world he could
 prescribe marijuana to me I know he would.
 All the nurses know l'm smokinq marijuana in
 _he hospital. They have never told me not to
 smoke -_ except in bed _- and I know by the
 way some of them smile_that they know what
 .. I'm doing and approve. _/
 And JohnUs father testified:
 The doctor shared my concerns and noted that
 if I could find out how he could legally
 .,, prescribe marijuana to John he would ....
 Over a period of times it became clear that
 the nurses and other staff had no objections
 to John's smoking in his room b_$_e and
 after he received chemotherapy. ._"
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