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 encourage them to use marij_9 but would not
 openly discuss the subject. _q
 • Dr. Norman Zinberg, a Boston psychiatrists did not
 limit himself to the local oncoiogic co_nunity at his place of
 practice but testified that:
 [O]ne of the things that's happened with
 marijuana which I think you have to recoqnize
 is that it's been almost a minor conspiracy
 to break the law. I mean you can go to any
 ontology center in this country_ I can't say
 i00 percents but IOve been to many as a
 result of these written articles and I've
 been asked to talk here and theze_ and there
 is a conspiracy to break the law because in
 every one of these centers I_ve been to there
 are oncologists, X wouldnSt say all of them_
 but certainly there are nurses_ what have
 you, that let people smoke marijuana before
 and duringp . ° . when they get their cancer
 chemotherapy° So that I_ve ha4 the
 oppol_cunity to talk literally to dozens of
 oncoloqists about the fact that they
 encourage their patients to use marijuana and
 regard it as an accepted medical usage and
 Xeve known nurses who've obtained marijuana
 for patients who themselves said they
 couldnnt obtain it. So you're talking about
 something that_s_eal widespread practice
 in this country°
 Dr. Lester Grinspoon_ practicing psychiatrist and
 Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School
 testified that a great number of doctors in the field of ,neology
 found marijuana to be efficacious. _ilj_/
 _JL4/ I_o at _ 37_
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 97 -

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