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 effective and for producing_ effectiveness
 without undue side effects. _
 The reaction of the oncologic community in Louisiana to the use
 of marijuana, he observed:
 [Was] to the effect that some _f their
 patients might . _ o receive benefit from
 _arijuanao I donor recall encountering any
 of the oncolc_ists that beliew_d that there
 was no b_$it at all to be derived for any
 patient° _q
 Dr. John Bickersw a full Professor of Medical Ontology and
 Hematology at the Louisiana School of Medicine, testified that:
 It is my professional judgment_ based on my
 review of the literature, on my conversations
 with other physicians_ and on my experience
 and practice_ that marijuana has clear and
 distinct medical value in the treatment of
 the nausea and vomiting associated with
 certain types of chemotherapy treatments. _/
 Dr. Stephens, Director of Clinical Ontology and Full
 Professor at the University of Kansas, testified that:
 _ As a practicing physicians a board_certified
 oncologist, and a Professor of Medicine_ I
 would not hesitate to prescribe marijuana to
 patients for whom I felt it wast an
 appropriat_l_erapy if the drug were legally
 available. _I
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 31Q/ /_. at 8-I06o
 311/ Affidavit of Dro John Bickers, _ 15.
 312/ Affidavit of Dr. Ronald Stephens_ _ 24.

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