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 . , _ who larrgely have the practices at one
 to threes four, five private hospitals in
 this city_ the open smoking of marijuana at
 the University, which was tolerated_ the use
 o_ marijuana in virtually every hospital_ I'm
 on the staff of a half a dozen hospitals in
 this city. I think that is a community
 standard where marijuana is accepted by_
 people who are treating these patients° _-_s
 and further added to that group:
 My peers_ The people that I share call with,
 -::the people I go to conferences with, not just
 in San Francisco, but in Los Angeles and San
 Diego, and in New York and evez_fwhere I go
 [have accepted marij_8_9"s medical utility in
 controlling emesis3. _I
 Janet Andrews testified that at. the Childrents Hospital
 in San Diego:
 The physicians_ nurses and the social workers
 expressed no objections to Josh_s using
 marijuana. JoshSs Oncologist told us he
 would check into the possibility of getting
 it legally for Josh to use _ . o The
 pharmacoloqist_ Josh_s doctors and many
 other hospital staff members_ strongly
 supported what we were doings regardless of
 the law. I knew that many of these people
 would not hesitate to obtain marijuana for
 their own children if they _ confronted
 with similar circumstances.
 (2)  _ LUUm
 ....... Dry Jobe, former chairman of the Louisiana Marijuana
 Prescription Review Boards testified that:
 [M_arijuana . . o does have, in my views a
 potential for specific patients for being
 3_/ Cross_examination of Dr. Ivan Silverberg_ Tr. 3-i15 (with
 reference to 3_i13 & 3-114)o
 307/ Redirect of Dr. Ivan Siiverberg_ Tr. 3-153o
 __q_/ Affidavit of Janet Andrews, _ 68 _ 82.

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