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 accemted within_the on_Qlo_ic_ and
 among patients. _-_/ (emphasis added).
 Dr. Philip Jobe concurreds declaring:
 I certainly think that there are a number of
 competent physicians throughout the United
 States, . o . some oncologists as well_ who
 ha[ve] concluded that marijuana and the_ 9
 have some usefulness in their practice. _I
 These generalized statements are clearly borne out by a
 closer examination of the testimony in this proceeding. Without
 question, the oncologic comm_nity_ as demonstrated, ___, has
 accepted marijuana's medical utility for the control of emesis.
 (i) Ca!i forni_
 Dr. Ivan Silverberg_ a San Francisco oncologist with a
 large experience and medical practice, 2_&/ testified that:
 iT]here has evolved an tu%writt,_n_ but
 accepted standard of treatment within the
 Oncologic community which readily accepts
 marijuana' s use. 0_/
 In defining the oncologic community to which he was
 The group of seven medical oncologists who
 handle a significant percentage of the
 medical oncology patients in San Francisco
 30_/ Affidavit of John Morqan, _ 48.
 303/ Redirect of Dr° Philip Jobe_ Tro 8-108. Se_ _lg__q Cross-
 examination of Dr. Thomas Ungerleider_ Tro 4-138 & 4-139
 (receives calls from physicians every month requesting
 information to obtain marijuana for their patients); ___. at 4_141
 (lots of oncologists accept marijuana); Redirect of Dro Lester
 Grinspoon, Tr. 14-83 (probably most oncologists accept marijuana
 as an efficacious antiemetic).
 _/ Cross-examination of Dr. Ivan Silverberg, Tr° 3-77 & 3-78_
 (twenty years of experience and treats with chemotherapy 175
 patients a year)°
 __q_/ Affidavit of Dr° Ivan Silverberg, _ 73°

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