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 which can induce severe vomi_j_ and nausea.
 (emphasis added).
 Only 6.7% of patients found marijuana inhalation
 produced side effects serious enough to warrant discontinuation
 of the therapy. -_/ This is comparable 11o the 7.5% of patients
 receiving oral THC in combination with Compazine (or other
 antiemetics) who elected to discontinue _ese modes of
 As the Panel concludes:
 These results suggest that cigarettes are a
 therapeutic alternative to T_C capsules for
 patients who prefer to smoke man, and or who
 are unable to use THC capsules.
 California developed one of the least effective and
 most highly bureaucratic of the state-approved marijuana therapy
 programs. Excessive regulatory demands_ rigidly defined
 protocols and strict limitations on eligibility for access to
 marijuana (particularly in the first year of the program),
 severely restricted physician/patientparticipation in the
 ...... marijuana inhalation program and resulted in the lowest Hsuccess_
 rate for marijuana=based antiemetic therapy reported by any of
 the states. Even sos California reports nearly 60% of the
 ....... patients who managed to gain entry into _hemarijuana inhalation
 program _- most of whom were exposed to _he most profoundly
 emetogenic antineoplastic drugs -- received significant medical
 benefits from the therapy.
 9_/ I__. at II.
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