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 _e 1986 Re_o_
 The most recent report by the Panel filed in these
 proceedings covers. 1986o The report notes:
 Since its beginning, over 2_000 patients have
 received THC or smoked marijuana, and the
 majority benefitted substantially in the
 relief of their nausea and'vomitingo Thus,
 -_the Panel has met the _compassiona_gccess#
 aspect of its legislative mandate_ _I
 Tae Panel states, _Marijuana, or at least one of its
 ..... active constituents, [THC] has been sho_ to be an effective
 antiemetic for many cancer chemotherapy patients .... x2___/
 The Panel provides the following vital statistics in
 its 1986 report:
 A total of 101 patients have received 210
 treatments with marijuana cigarettes. Data
 from 101 patients who smoked cigarettes as.
 their first treatment in the Cannabis Program
 have been reviewed. There were slightly more
 males (n=58; 57.4%) °than females (43; 42.5%).
 Patients ranged in age from 20 to 75 (median
 age 48). The most common cancer sites were
 the testis (n=lg; 18_78%) tracheas bronchus
 and luna (n=18; 17.8%); and ovary (n=16;
 15.8%) o2 _!7
 Based on its evaluation of this group, the Panel
 reports these results:
 [o]ver half of the physicians (n=58; 58_6%)
 • rated marijuana cigarettes very or moderately
 " effective. _his is especial____couraain_
 s. inc@ almost three_ourths o[ t_e_pat!en__ts
 295/ DEA General Exhibit, Seventeenth Amnual Report of the
 Research Advisory Panels 1986, to the Governor & Legislature,
 CRAP, San Francisco, 1987, at I.
 2___/ /_. at 2.
 _._l/ .,T_- at I0.

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