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 m[m]arijuana has been shown to be effective for many cancer
 chemotherapy patients_ safe dosage ievel:s have been established_
 and a dosage regimen which minimizes undesirable side effects
 has been devised and tested, m2_-_/
 In reviewing three years of data on THC the Panel notes
 an approximate 65% success rater but _lso acknowledges oral THC
 dosing problems resulted in a significant level of side effects.
 For example, among the first 150 patients evaluated _Bothersome
 side effects from THC were present and 48% of the_patients
 dropped out of the study. R2_//
 Reductions in THC dose provided patients with
 eqllivalent therapeutic benefit (about 65%) and produced fewer
 side effects. The Panel notes, _Nevertheless, 80% of patients
 still reported at least one side effects [on T_C pills] one-
 fourth of which were considered severe. #_9-/
 Finally_ the Panel reduced the oral THC dose still
 further. Therapeutic utility was not significantly reduced, but
 .._ .... side effects became less frequent and less severe. _/
 29// /_. at 7_
 288/ _d.
 289/_ _.

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