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 the physician°s treatment determinations0, Patients could nots as
 in other states, elect the mode of therapy (i_eo., THC, marijuanas
 Torecan) nor could they elect to switch their mdoe of therapy_
 When the March adjustments were deemed inadequate_ the
 Panel further amended its Smoked Marijuana Protocol to include:
 l. any cancer patient receivin9 radiation therapy or
 any chemotherapy drugs known tc_ cause nausea and
 vomiting, and
 2o alternative smoking technique to humidify the
 smoke and r_e the smoke_s harshness by
 _._ filtration_t
 By the time the Panel acknowledged these problems,
 however_ physicians like Dro Ivan Silverberg, had already
 abandoned the California program. 2_-_/ While still tabulated by
 ' " ' _ such physicians were so alienated
 the Panel as Hpartlclpatlng,
 by the CRAP program that the Panel's long overdue protocol
 amendments did not bring them back. _/
 T e 3 oft
 In its 1983 Reports the Panel noted _that over 1700
 patients had received [oral THC_ or smoked marijuana and the
 majority had benefitted substantially in the relief of their
 nausea and vomitingo W285/ Furthers the Paneladded that
 28%/ Cross-examination of Dr. Ivan Silverberg_ Tr. 3-96.
 ___/ Affidavit of Dr. Ivan Silverberg_ _ 69 (avast majority of
 physicians I know have discontinued any association with the
 California State Program").
 28_/ ACT Official State Reports, Vol. l, Exhibit 45, Fourteenth
 Annual Report of the Research Advisory Panel 1983 to the Govern_
 & Legislatures CRAP, San Francisco_ 1983, at.l.

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