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 _ug, pr_q_g few s_ious adverse
 reactions. _e
 Regarding marijuana, the Panel stated:
 To date, fewer than 70 patients have been
 enrolled in the Smoked Marfjuana Protocol°
 Because of the small sample source, data
 collection is still continuing_ Howeverr
 ! .... preliminary tabulation was conducted to gauge
 _ trends in t_._ study findings to date°
 According to patients_ 9___q__i_l_____la
 _ used by patients _hn this study.
 The _WW/_er of severe side effects was
 low. _2_! (emphasis added)
 Realizing that artificial restrictions were denying
 patients access to smoked marijuana, in March, !982_ the Panel
 made the following adjustments in the marijuana inhalation
 protocol to include: a) out-patients, and b) marijuana-naive
 patients who were taught a standardized smoking technique. _80/
 It was noted_ however, that two basic conditions in
 the protocol were the reason that very few patients had gained
 entry to the smoked marijuana portion of the evaluation. These
 were the limitation requiring hospitalization of patients
 receiving marijuanas and the restrictions permitting marijuana's
 use only when patients received one of t/%ree seldom used and
 profoundly emetogenic forms of chemother_y_ _/ Significantly,
 no other state adopted such hobbling rest:fictions against
 marijuana's therapeutic availability or so deeply intruded into
 280./ /__. at 9.
 2_i/ I_!. at I0.
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