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 Based on 856 patients receiving oral THC_ California reported
 varied rates of success. Seventy-six percent of patients found
 THC to be effective in controlling emesis while 68% of the
 physicians rated oral THC moderately to very effectiveo 7_
 According to the reports #Overall_ side effects do not constitute
 .... il
 a major problem in the therapeutic use of THC.#2_/
 On marijuanas the report state_:
 Only 55 patients had been enrolled in the
 marijuana cigarette protocols Because of the
 relatively small number of patients the
 results will be reported and analyzed in the
 Panel's next Annual Report. _t is
 anticipated that the number of patients
 enrolled by that time will be _ufficient to
 ...... allow for a meaningful anaiysiso2_-_/
 In its 1982 Report, CRAP indicated that the program
 continued to increase in size. Fourteen hundred patients and
 over three hundred oncologists throughout: California were
 i enroiled° 277/
 In an overview, the Panel, reporting on the results of
 the THC-based studies, states:
 Oral THC is an effective antiemetic for
 cancer chemotherapy patients who have failed
 to benefit significantly from antiemetics
 such as the phenothiazines_ it produces
 relatively few side effects; it is a safe
 27_4/ /_. at 9_
 27_/ /Z_- at I0. _
 2_/ ACT Official State Reports, Vol. i, Exhibit 4e Thirteenth
 Annual Report.of the Research Advisory Panel 1982 Prepared to the
 Governor & Legislatures CRAP, San Francisco, 1983_ at I.

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