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 generally found to be a #safe _ drug for treatment of nausea and
 vomiting. 77_/
 , ...... However_ the program remained a very THC biased
 evaluation allowing few patients to qualify for access to
 marijuana under the unusually restrictive requirements of the
 _L protocols® Those patients who could qualify often refused to be
 hospitalized _for evaiuation W -- a procedure only required of
 patients who received marijuana° The Panel_s emphasis on THC
 over marijuana and the numerous THC protocols created friction
 between the same Panel and those it was _upposed to assist --
 physicians and their patients_ _71/ Some of these problems were
 recognized and the Panel made the following adjustments:
 (i) Simplified the three THC protocol_7_
 combining them into only one protocol. '_I
 (2) Extended the THC protocols to cove_
 patients receiving radiation t_zeatmento _J-_1
 I 2 69/ (. o o continued)
 Physician cooperation has been exemplary
 despite substantial paperwork related to
 controlled substances_ protocol details and
 reports to be completed° _ at 8.
 270_/ /__o at 1-2.
 271/ Affidavit of Dr. Ivan Silverberg_ _ 49 (#shocked . . ® [to
 learn] marijuana would only be provided to patients recelvlng 3
 types of seldomly used chemotherapy agents # ); ___. at _ 59 (_to
 smoke marijuana under the conditions established in the
 California State Program essentially placed the patient in a
 hostile envlror_ent )
 2_7__/ ACT Official State Reports, VOlo I_ Exhibit 3F Twelfth
 Annual Report for 1981 to the Governor & Legislature, CRAP, San
 Francisco, 1982, at 7.
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