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 groups have been completed. Only after fundamental questions of
 safety have been addressed and efficacy is evident does a drug
 .... advance to Phase Iil status. ClearlyB the California protocols,
 however Constrained by Schedule I regulatory requirements_
 constitute an e_ctremely large scale late Phase Ill program.
 (d) s
 The Panel submitted annual repol_cs to the California
 Governor and Legislature showing the results achieved in the
 program. A summarized description of _ome of these reports
 The 1981 Report
 In its 1981 Reports the Panel noted that the program
 had increased dramatically_/ with great support from the
 practitionerso _-6_9/ It also indicated that marijuana was
 268/ As of December 1981_ approximately I_000 cancer patients
 had been enrolled in the California Progrem, up from 50 enrolled
 at the time of the last report. More than 300 oncologists from
 22 counties were enrolled as investigators in the study;
 approximately 55% of these had prescribed Cannabis by year end.
 The THC capsules and marijuana cigarettes are maintained at 120
 pharmacies throughout the state. These tdesignatedg pharmacies
 may fill prescriptions for Cannabis from approved investigators
 only_ ACT Official State Repolrts_ Vol. X_ Exhibit 3_ Twelfth
 A_nnual Report for 1981 to the Governor & Legislatures CRAPe San
 Franciscoe 1982_ at 2o
 269/ Investigator Cooperation.
 The large n_ber of cancer specialists
 participating in the Cannabis Therapeutic
 Program were by and large pleased to have
 the capsules or marijuana cigarettes
 available to treat the nausea and vomiting
 ..... experienced by their patients.
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