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 substance (i_eo_ a drug witho_ an approved
 medical use under federal law _ _ .) [whichJ
 also lacks patent protection, thus making
 commercial development and marketing very
 unlikely. 2_I
 i_ Four separate protocols covering the use of marijuana
 and synthetic THC were designed. Three of these protocols dealt
 exclusively with synthetic THCo Under _ese THe-based protocols_
 patients had to meet the following conditions in order to get
 access to the synthetic pills:
 (I) Failure to respond to conventional antiemetic therapy,
 ....... and
 (2) be over five years of age. _/
 The conditions for patient access to marijuana were
 much more restrictive_ namely:
 (I) Over 15 years of age.
 (2) Marijuana experienced.
 (3) Use the drug on an inpatient basis°
 (4) Receive three extremely emetoge_ic chemotherapy
 agents, (___w_ Cisplatin_ dacarbazine, or 5-azacytidine) alone or
 in combination with other agents. 2_5J
 Under this ty_e of protocol, very few patients
 qualified for access to marijuana_
 ___/ ACT Official State Reports_ Vol. I_ Exhibit 2, Eleventh
 Annual Report for 1980 to the Governor & Legislaturet CRAPe San
 Francisco, 1981_ at 2®

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