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 As Lawrence W. Lepley, Jro_ Director of the Tennessee
 Patient Qualification Review Board notes_
 ....... We found both marijuana smoking and THC
 capsules to be effective anti--emeticso We
 found an approximate 23% higher success rate
 among those patients smoking than among
 those patients administered TIIC capsules° We
 found no significant differences in success
 .... _ rates by age group_
 Me found that the major reason for smoking
 failure was smoking intolerance; while the
 major reason for THC capsule failure was
 nausea and vomiting so severe_@t patient
 could not retain the capsuleo _!
 (6) Calilornia
 Xn June, 1979, California recognized marijuana's
 therapeutic value in reducing the debilitating emesis associated
 with anti-cancer therapies by the enactment of the Cannabis
 Therapeutic Act_ (S.B. 184). Implementation of the Act was
 delegated to the California Research Advisory Panel. _/ Some
 2___/ (... continued)
 groups, reported significant antiemetic relief while 83.3% of
 those over 40 achieved equivalent levels of antiemetic relief.
 Id. at 4o
 2__q/ _. at 5.
 261/ The California Research Advisory Panel, a group designed
 to review, regulate and monitor all Schedule I research
 undertaken in California, initially opposed SB 184 arguing the
 legislation was unnecessary. As the group proudly notes in its
 1979 report, it was not wholeiy naive to research on marijuana_ -
 therapeutic properties:
 Long before New Mexico and other states
 established therapeutic marijuana research
 programs, the Panel . o ° authorized
 ( continued.. ® )

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