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 Significantly_ only 18% of the patients within the marijuana
 inhalation program failed to gain antiemetic relief while
 .... _ undergoing Cisplatin therapy. _54/ Such a high level of success
 (82%) on Cisplatin is seldom reported with any other form of
 antiemetic therapy°
 -_..... . Equally significant_ none of the New York reports
 suggest any serious adverse effects were reported among this
 large patient population. There are, no reports for examples of
 _ii...... any patient who experienced any undue physical or psychic damage.
 There are no indications any patient who received marijuana
 within the New Mork program required hospitalization orany other
 form of medical intervention to deal with any of the side effects
 caused by marijuana inhalation.
 While the Department protests that these data are
 incomplete and urges even more study, it is clear that, for very
 large numbers of patients_ particularly patients intractable to
 other formsof antiemetic therapy_ marijuanas when smoked_
 provides relief from emesis which is not equaled by any other
 antiemetic agent° This request for continuing study also
 reflects the fact thatt in the absence of Wcontinuing study #
 marijuana would become unavailable to cancer patients within the
 State of New York. Viewed in this light -_ and against a
 backdrop of the 93% success rate reported by patients in the New
 York program -- the emphasis on maintaininq the program seems
 very rational indeed.
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