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 FOOD Am) DRUGS 21 § 812
 NoW '7
 (As amend˘_i Pab. L 98.473, Ti_e If, §§ 5ff7(e), ,_b), OcL 12, 1984, 98 $_t. 2_I, 2ff72; Pub.L.
 99,-.570, Title I, § 186'7, Oc_ _. 1986, 100 $_tt. _207-_; Pub.L 99,,,,646, § 84, Nov. I0, 19860 I00
 Historiczfl m_d S_tutory No_ L COm_i_mi_ml|_
 1986 Ameutse_L Subway. (©). Psb. L 99-6_ Defen_ did not m,et h_ h_vy bunlen of
 tch_ I|(_X4) su_t_it_t_ "_,_ l_s, exo l:n'ov_n$ br_i_e.t_ity of Scke_u_e I c_ifi_i_ of
 _ept _ l_ and e._tnsc,._ off _ _vs_ from msrij_n_ in fight of cmgoing dispute ss to phy_-
 which cc_i_ scg_nm_ _md ˘_ivsfive_ o_ _c_o- _ _ l_ycbolo_dc_ _tffects of mariju_rm, i_s
 nine or _h_ _l_ We bs_ _ovezt; _e_ _ po_fi_] for abe, _t_ wh_her it h_ shy medb
 ml_ opz_ _ _eome_ric _ _ ts_m _ ctl _ f_ tlmz thr_ cmeri_ for Schedule [
 "isomers; _p_t_ne., its _.,riv_zi_ lh_if _ _ ecimsifi_tiou of _ube_. (bX|) of _his s_tion
 mers, _ _tl_ of _'_ or _y _po_n_ t_ou_ _o_ b_ _etd _ being _i_het _tma_tiv_ o_
 mizcur˘._ or prepsrsdon whie.h _on_iPa _F qmm* _Is._vf., s_ _h_tt Con_'_ss has provided corn-
 ti_y of _ny of the _ _f_ _ m _s l_e_iv* c_ifi_ion _heme aut_or_ing At-
 pa_ph" for _Coc_ lem_e_ _l _my _mlL _m- _o_ey O_nsr_ to _e_bs_ify nmrijtmna in view of
 pound, dedvsfiv_ or pre_tios of _ _t_ _i_ific evid,a_e. U. S. v. _of_r_y, C.A.$.D.
 (incl_dtn_ _:oc_in˘ s_l scgc_t_ sad their _t_ 19_2, _92 F.2ct _2, _nior_ri demed I03 S.CL
 _me_s_ d_rivsdve_ _ m_zs off hsome_ and _,_ 14M_ _ U.._ 1040, 75 L._:L2d 792.
 riv_fiv_s), _ _y _L _o_upouud, d_v_fiv_ _r Any free exer_e imer_s˘ ofdefendanL who was
 pt_psrtfiou _f wkich _ c_e_i_l_y eqtuvtlem _b_ted _bex of _li_on tufia$ marijtm_us m
 or idmati_ad _,i_ say of _hes_ substsn_, _zzcW_ i_ re_i_io_s p_fi_, was ostwe_gh_ by _om_l-
 _tut_ tttm _ub_r_ shM1 _o_ mclu,_k _co_ti_ ling $ovsrnme_ in_et_es_ _s re_ula_in$ and _n-
 coc_ l_v_s or eztractic_ of co˘_ l_svet_ which tr_ling u_ of m_fiju_s_a _nd its dis_zibutton, snd
 _r_ctbns do _ _mi_ _e or e_$_.i_˘_o _m _rosecmi_ of _efemlsm for importation _nd
 Sutme_o (c). Peb._ 99-S7_ § 1_670 m sui_se˘0 p_setsio_ of _riju_u_ d_ n_ violas his rights
 (aXe) of _h_ H substitutes _C_,t lemv_ nn_" U.$.C. Ao tonal AmeN. io U.S. vo Mid-
 (_m_ep_ _ [_v_s _ _.r_._ of ˘_ _mv_s dlet_n, CoA.FhL19g2, 690 Fo2_ _20, certiorari _e-
 fzom w1_:_ _o_.__w_ _$_w. a_ _efiv_fiv_; _ a_ I03 S. CL hi97, 460 U_o 10_L 75 L._,_.2d
 _o_'fi_ or _ir s_.lts lmv, b,_u _ov_:D; co- _9.
 _ir _ _mer_ _ ufi_s of i_m_rs '° for _ tm_er this subchapte_ is _mstittnk_do UoS. Vo
 or prelmmdon of _ l_mv_ (including coe,_i_ _kmi_ 103 $.CL. _, _9 U.S. $76, 74 L,F._L2d
 _ of _s a_d _v_fi_e_), _d _y salt, F_e_] sut_ut_s nmk_ng posses,_ion or _i_bu-
 compomnd, d_i_v_ Or prepe_tt_ thereof t_o_ _ _'yot_ a c_i_in_z| _t did nor violate Fist
 which L_ ch_kmlly _lutv_t _r id_l _izh Amendment insofar as they s_iied _o members of
 _my cf th_ subs_ce_ e_l _a_ the gubsm_s ,hutch ozher than Native Amcd_n Church, _l-
 _ot i_clud_ decocaini_._i coos I_v_ or _- though ch_ll_ng_ s_stuz_ inteffer_:_ w_ free
 _re.cikm of _ kmv_ which _t_c_io_ _ _t eger_ of religion; _tut_ _ _ _o
 •contain coc_ _ _c_O_L"_o ___3t,npJi_ _rrid_ng governm_n_ ob_cfive of
 19_ _ Sube_:. (˘). Pnb_L _egu_dn$ u,e of subsume_ found to be harmful
 9_73, § 507(c), L_ schedule H(gX4) _ tpp|i- _0 public _, Mrge0 _ew,ommodafing rdi_ous _rtc-
 _bility t_ _n_ _ e_[_ _a ih_r _ fi_ wou|_ unduly int_'fev˘ with fuifilbnent of tb_
 itom_'t_ _t_ ob_c_ive_ and _nt_ of C_g_'_ts :o _p_ Native
 Am_ric_m Church from _mtul_ w_s _o_ m_tmt _o
 Sub_2e_ (d). P_b_L 9g.-47_, § _), _k _rs_ _o o_ church_ which _ peyot,.
 _l sub_e_, (d), _hich _ _o _odty of Peyci˘ Way Chuzch of 00_, inc. vo Meem, M.D.
 Aloofly _ m esmet_ s_im_ _ 6W,_ T_19550 _:gS F.$u_. I_Z
 m_s _ma$ _v_ medk_ _,gnsd_e_
 _ Hi_m_'yo For k_isl_ve his_tc_'y _ F_Y f_ _ioa with imem to _tribt_ze
 psrl_ of Pub..L. 9_._7_, _ee 19_ U.So Code _ _/o_s not _um_fitute _doi_on of U.S.C.Ao
 Cong. _ A0,m_ N_., 1_o 31g_ _ _i_m_ Pub. L Coast. Amend. _. U.So v. Cnmrmer, DoC. W_s.
 $393; _boL 99_ 19$6 U_._ Coea$. mui
 A_mLNe_es_ p+ 6139o
 Fn_n_ _hsz 3, *-ese_hybaedio_ymeth_ntph_
 _ut_i_ _ _high" pt_e_ f_r _ wm
 Code of Fedez_| _eguhat_ons _,rbtm,_'y ,_ _n'_c_ where utmim,t_uor of
 Drug _nf_n'_m_nt A_minis_Lrstio_rt comid_'ed
 ._e_eaul_s, _e 21 CF_ 130_.01. cbs_ _rs,_ur_l tad ph_.r_co˝$_c_t _imt_ariW be-
 tween substan_ and o{h_ sub_s_c_m which
 already _ fosnd to lmv˘ high po_entitl for
 _OM O_ D_$_ ab_ tnd placed in _h_uie I, e_ well is _Zttd_
 22 which Sug_t_ this $ub_nce w_s _|_tted in its
 M_w gl_ effecl io _||e_ule I _ II ,u_zm't_s. Onnspoon
 Qweuk,_,d-_ _1 v. Drttg _rtf_-_--_t A_mino. C._I, 1997, 82g
 _efM _ F._ g_lo
 i7 O,q  i i

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