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 cigarettes which were provided to patients during 514 evaluable
 treatment episodes_ _Q/
, ...... In percentage terms, the results are quite graphic°
 North Shore Hospital reports marijuana was effective in reducing
 emesis 92 9% of the ° e-
 . tlm _ Columbia Memorial Hospital reports
 '! efficacy of 89.7%; Upstate Medical Cent_r_ St. JosephSs Hospital
 and Jamestown General Hospital report 100% of the patients
 smoking marijuana gained significant antiemetic benefit.
 > Patient evaluations have indicated that
 approximately ninety-th/ee (95) percent of
 marijuana inhalation treatment episodes are
 reported to be aeffective# or _highly
 effective n when compared to other
 antiemetiCSo _i_/
 As noted in an earlier report, _any of these patients
 had failed on previous antiemetic therapies. The Departmentes
 1982 report outlined procedures at one institution:
 For examples at Upstate Medical Center
 patients are first offered Compaziner then
 THC, Metoproclamide and an unnamed analgesic
 that is being used experimentally. Marijuana
 is offered only if all of the preceding drugs
 have failedo _2d
 Analysis of the cancer populations by site of cancers
 and of the chemotherapeutic agents administered to these
 patientss indicate a highly heterogeneous population. _5_/
 __i/ _o at 5.
 ___/ Exhibit 16, nAnnual Report to the Governor and Legislature
 on the Antonio G. Olivieri Controlled Substances Therapeutic
 Research Programs n New York State Department of Healths
 September l, 1982_ at 4_
 253/ Id. at 3-4.
 76 o

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