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 Fit_thermore, the [NIDA] marijuana cigarettes
 have poor physical prope_ieso This is
 because quality marijuana is produced by a
 labor intensive method, but federally
 ..... produced material is m_ne made in the
 cheapest possible w_y_ _-_-
 Even though many states were controlling marijuana at
 the Schedule II level for use in programs of medical therapy, the
 New York officials report that, [t]he state programs uniformly
 reported no problems with abuse or diversion of the legal
 cannabinoids o "_-_/
 (c) Late/t_eseau_l___
 By 1985, the NewYork program had extended marijuana
 inhalation therapy to 208 patients through 55 practitioners. In
 summarizing the experiences of these patients_ the Department
 Evidences established over the past four
 years_ though limited, suggests that the
 inhaled marijuana has significant beneficial
 effects on patients who have received little
 or no relief from conventional drug therapy
 in controlling nau_and vomiting associated
 with chemotherapy. _=_
 After four years of evaluation, the research population had
 reached statistically significant levels_ Of the 208 enrolled
 patients, 199 were evaluable. These patients ranged in age fro_
 19 to 75 years with an average age of 44 years. The 199
 patients received a total of 6,044 NXDA-supplied marijuana
 247/ Id. at 5, 6.
 248/ _d. at 6.
 249/ Exhibit 16C, wSnmmarym, at 1.

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