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 It is clear that the New York Department of Health
 appreciated the difficulties caused by marijuana classification
 ....... at the federal level as a Schedule I substance° As noted at
 Appendix C of the 1982 report:
 Commonly; the state legislatures over-
 ._ whelmingly approved the establishment of the
 state programs. The expectation of those
 legislatures was for wide distribution of the
 substance° Repeatedly_ speakers identified a
 discrepancy between the legislature°s expec_
 rations, sometimes te_ed acompassionate
 % access _ , and research needs as reflected in
 the procedures and requirements of FDA, NCl,
 DEA, NIDA, and scientific practice° Hence,
 all of the state programs are in the
 difficult position o_tempting to satisfy
 opposing objectives. _I
 _..i.i[ Another "impression _ reported by officials with the New York
 program: _Physicians may prefer the capsules over cigarettes.
 This may be related tophysician education and a perception of
 ..... _ 'usual _ dosage forms. _2_/
 In an enlightening discussion of side effects, the New
 York submission of September, 1981 details the =accepted H side
 ......... effects of synthetic THe, as outlined in the National Cancer
 Institute Group C Trea_nent Program. These include:
 Sedation (the most frequent side effect which
 occurs in up to 80% of all patients),
 ...... _'
 Disorientations Dizziness, Hallucinations_
 Poor concentration, Dysphoria (anxiety,
 paranoia, depression), _eadach_ Sleep
 disturbances (alteration in REMpatterns,
 nightmares), Cardiovascular changes
 (hypotension, tachycardia, orthostatic
 hypotension), Neuromuscular changes
 242/ Ido at Exhibit 16C, _Impressions from the National
 Conference on the Therapeutic Applications of Cannabinoids, w at
 - 73 =

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