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 of marijuana provided in the state program (I_32% THC) was
 inferior to street marijuanas
 _In an attempt to address some of these difficultiest
 New York amended its IND protocol in 1982 by expanding physician
 eligibility and reducing the barriers to patient participation.
 i_. The main purpose of this eligibility clause
 is to include radiotherapy patients as well
 as chemotherapy patients_ It would also
 allow the use of marijuana for nausea as a
 symptom of cancer .... The new protocol
 , would allow marijuana to be used at the
 beginning of treatment° The c_rrent protocol
 requires that patients shall have failed on
 standard therapies before becoming eligible.
 Research evidence suggests that marijuana is
 effective in about 50 percent more patients
 than Compazine_ the standard therapy.
 Therefore, to delay eligibility is to
 withhold a potentially more effective
 dl_/g. 2J-_/ (emphasis added).
 New York als0 realized the folly of following the
 ...... federaily SUggested standardazed smoking _ routine which the
 I Georgia study found reduces marijuana_s antiemetic utility by
 nearly 10%.
 The old protocol specifies precisely the
 dosage to be administered. This is
 impractical because of the physical
 properties of the marijuana and because of
 individual differences in absorption and
 ability to inhale .... The consensus among
 experienced investigators now seems to be
 that pati_ should smoke until comfort is
 achieved° _y
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