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 chemotherapy .... This apparent reluctance
 can be understood in terms of physician
 training and_gir experiences with modem
 drugs® o
 A second possibility:
 Bureaucratic obstacles. This problem is a
 universal complaint. Hospital pharmacists
 ._ and administrators complain about pape_ork
 • ,.,: and procedures_ Physicians complain about
 _.-: burdensome reporting and application
 requirements_ At least 16 physicians have
 inquired into the availability of marijuana
 but have chosen not to enroll in the program
 because they perceive a large amount of
 .... _:_ bureaucratic procedure. Such procedures
 -- exist because of marijuana_s status as both
 an investigational new drug and a controlled
 substance. Because of feder_l and state law,
 and the involvement of multiple federal
 agencies_ the extent to w_ procedures can
 be simplified is limited. _-_i
 A third possibility_ which seems particularly relevant
 considering the New York INDSs demand that patients must experi _
 ence several treatment failures on conventional antiemetic
 agents before gaining entry into the marijuana inhalation
 programs is Nthe undocumented, but likely competition between the
 state marijuana program and street marijuana, u_37/ Less
 delicately stated_ cancer patients and their physicians found it
 was easier to obtain marijuana illegally than through the New
 _ York State IND program, and patients quickly realized the quality
 235/ Id.
 23_/ Id. at 4.
 70 -

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