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 And continues:
 By the end of July 1982 840 marijuana
 cigarettes were distributed to 45 patients in
 ..... 99 treatment episodes. This volume of
 activity was similar to that of other states°
 New Mexico's program involved 160 patients in
 three years° Georgia had 96 patients in its
 first year of ope_on_ Michigan enrolled
 237 in two yearSo _-_
 Based on direct contact with physicians registered to
 the program, the Department reports, _[iilt was clear from the
 physician interviews that most considered it desirable to have
 access to marijuana cigarettes for use when needed ....
 The report offers the following observation about
 marijuanats place in antiemetic therapy:
 [A]long with its value to those individual
 patients whose emesis has been relieved,
 marijuana research provided an important
 service in the development of new antiemetic
 agents .... Because of the effectiveness
 of marijuana as a[n] [emetic_ control agent,
 it became apparent that emesis was not an
 intractable c_@_quence of cancer
 chemotherapy_ _i
 The New York report, having indicated marijuana's
 excellent antiemetic properties_ puzzles over the question of
 why more patients and physicians are not enrolled in the state
 Physician skepticism. This includes the
 perception on the part of physicians that
 marijuana is ngimmicky,_ that all antiemetic
 d_/gs are ineffective against the most
 emetigenic agents .... that emesis is an
 inevitable and expected consequence of
 232/ i_° at 2°
 2J// 7/. at 3.
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