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 Con_ _nd to di_ of A_c_y CG_. Dry| enforcement agency'| t_nporary _u|.
 U_, v. Wgbl_ C.A,o_o1984, '731 F._,d 440. in S of _hy_,minofcg _t_ S_u_ | subsl_.nc
 subj_c_ to ce_m provisions _nd p,er_Rics under
 11. RAm _ rc_.2atlo_ fcc_era| _n_id_g _ws was _|id; s_utory delepo
 Duty d _:h_ni_t_or _f Dtr_g _forcmnc_t river of lem_or_ry _h_|ing power _ Attorney
 A_n_Lin/_t_lion So r_ to _] _iont for G_cr_| _ h/_ _ubd_leg_ion off that power _o
 _uan_ _rnendm_, or rel_ of _le_ r_uim:l DgA _dmini_t_tor _i_ not vioia_ gonstimtion_i
 _dmi_istr_tor to rcspor_ to _iti_ so _Iow re|i- gl_ctrL_e of _par_ot_ of _,_v_ _nd A11or_y
 _iot_ _t_ of n_n_t_v,_ _ _o inforn_ 9_Ri_ G,_n_r_fl'_ _gcrgi_e of disgretio_ w_ subject to
 that rtfle they sou]he fall outride _ of _u_t_e e_stitu_r_d _. U.So v. T_by, D.bLJ.19_9,
 _n_ may petition ta here _u_ _d_i,
 _oved_ _r tr_nsferr_ bexwven _he_e_ of c_no 1_ Co_
 A_Lmin., C.A.]I _) _9_, 776 F._ _67, _r_io- Att_ey Genen_|'s s_bde|epti_ of fimct_on_
 d_ 106 $o_. 1236, 475 U_. 1030, $9 vested i_ him by _ompr_iv_ Drug Abt_
 L._do_ 344. _h'_,eagioa sad Con_'o] AcE t_ _e Drug Enf_rc_-
 m_n_ Ag_ did not _n_:_ to _n_rgcnc_ _h_-
 _D.. _ l_blt_ _q_ u]_g prvv_sion e_t_n_ for tint time in _nen_-
 Drug Enfo_n_t Agency _i_ not h'cumvent m_ 1I years later without of_cisl subdelegation
 publi_ti_ rr_o_ for promugga_io_ ot_ hales by At_o_ Oenm_tl of his pow_cs under amend
 _rding _ch_fing of contro_]_ sub_i_,n_s by mat in _ manner subject to _ecor_fion _nd
 filing nodee 3_ days e,x_y _d p]_nng notice in _tmgalglity. U.So v. PeR D.C.o|0.|986, 6_
 Fcder_ __i_tcr whine S_re_ry off HAth snd F_u_, _7.
 Human Services was rail] f_ _o make c_m_
 _nd n_Lrs__ to do so in 30-day waiting _od. I_o T_:_-y _U_
 Ca_nmaR_ Sub_anc_ A_ am_rgfrn_t allowing
 1_ A_tt_ of Ato,eu/ _ts_t_ At_or_ GG_te'r_,_ t tcm_urigy schec_uie sub
 Defc_at w_s hoe _tit]ed to jury imtruct_ $_ on emergency boa/s, w_ he determines
 tht_ any _iqui_ may q_ify _ _heduie |l =eth- that t_rary scheduling _ _c_sary to avoid
 amph_a_mme onty if _t i_ inj_ble Wen statute im_in_t hazard to pubtb: safety, wguld be treat.
 [21 U.S.CoA.  gill _huah grams b_ power _ d _ =]imi_i_g judicial r_v_ew of _ecisio_ to
 Attorney Oenerat] to t_sf_ _ftra_ _ t_mpot_rfly _chcc_ule0 _t ncg removing from re_
 sc_t_i_s if he finns po_t_a_ for _bu_e _e.ct m_ges _dew c_m,_i_$ of th_ chffir_ _a _io_tio_
 _'_dtin other fin_in_s g_ Attorney _'_l _ _ oR tempoftrily _hc_u|ed sob_ _v_tn
 p_ipte_ c_ge_ _ scbedul I_ to i_u_ F_f_h _nd Sixth A_ras_tt _kq'sct_ti_ that
 m_th_.r_ph_i_e, i_ _alt_, iso_0 _ _lts of _o_d r_lt from cutting off judicial _ev_w of
 i_o_n_. U.$. v. Z_n_g:_, C.Aol0 (N.M.)_9g6, c_mv_tio_,. U.S.v. Hovey, D.D|.]9$?, 67_
 784 F.2a 102_. F_upp. 16L
  812. Schedu|e of cOn_oR_ subs_ee_
 fSee _ _ume foe _ _f (a) and (b)J
 (c) InRtal __t|_ off cc_ll,_ subs_,n_
 Schedules I, IL Iii, IV, mad V shall, unless _ until _mended purs_umt to set,on
 811 of this r_e, consist o_ the follow,n] drags or other substances, by wha_ver
 official name, common or usu_t name, chemical ha.me, or brand name desigrattei:
 fSee msis _ume for _,_ of ,ScAedule I_
 Schedule II
 (_) Unless _p_cffic_lly excepted or unless listed m another schedule, any of
 the fol]owhng substances whet.her produced dir_e_y or indL_ct]y by exx_ae_on .
 _rom sub_nce$ of vegetable origSn, or _adependen_y by means of ehem_c_d
 synthesis, or by s comb|ration of ex_:r_c_ion _nd chemical synthesis:
 [Se_ main _um_ /_ _ of CD _ ($)..7
 (_) Coos leaves except eoc_ leaves add ert_.e_ og ec_ leaves from which
 cocaine, eegonine, _nd derivatives of ecgonine or their sa|_ have been
 removed; coe_ine, its sal_, optical and geometrSc isomers, and sal_ of
 isomers; eegonLne, i_ deriver,ires, theh" salts, isomers, and ._lts of isomers;
 or _ny compounds mixture, or preps|rat|ion which contains' any quantity of
 any of the substances referred to m r2_s pear,graph.
 fSee main _lume fo_" tat of &) and (c); Schedules III _o V]

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