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 is a large-scale (phase III) cooperative clinical trial ....
 The central question to be addressed by the New York program is
 _[h]ow effective is inhalation marijuana in preventing nausea and
 vomiting due to chemotherapy in patients . _ . who have failed to
 respond to previous antiemetic therapy? w_2_/ The Department
 " further explains:
 Many patients will receive oral T_C under the
 National Cancer Institute Cancer Evaluation
 PTogramŽ Selected patients may receive
 .,_ marijuana either as an alternative to the
 National Cancer Institute Proq_am or after
 termination from the [NCI] program because of
 significant side effects or other
 incompatibilities .... IT]he inhalation
 program will complement the federal [THC]
 effort [through Nell. Patients will serve as
 ........ their own controls_ using their previous
 experience with antiemetic therapy° o . .
 Use of inhalation marijuana will be guided by
 the same considerations for patients
 selection in the Group C Guidelines [NCI/THC
 : PrOgram3_ 2_/
 Patients in the New York prog@am had to be eighteen
 years of age. 2_-_/
 As initially designed, there were several problems with
 the New York programs Firsts only low quality marijuana (1o32%
 THC) was requested_ 2_2_/ Seconds the New York protocol
 _2__./ ACT Official State Reports, VOlo If, Exhibit 15_
 nEvaluation of the Antiemetic Properties of Inhalation Marijuana
 in Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy Treatment. _ New York
 Department of Healths Office of Public _ealthr Chapter 810, Laws
 of 1980 Article 33-A_ Public Health Law, Septembers 1981_ at 3o
 _2_./ /__. at 3_6o
 225/ I__o at 4.
 _2_/ /_. at 6.

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