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 antiemetic like Torecan. A high percentage of the patients
 receiving marijuana (63.4%) reported feeling HhighH2_Z/ and a
 ....... substantial amount of these same patients (32.3%) reported
 smoking marijuana enhanced their appetite_ 2_I_/ These reports on
 appetite stimulation and the _high w experienced by many cancer
 patients__ usually described as a sense of "euphoria N or "well--
 being # -- are consistent with reports from other state programs
 which evaluated these responses.
 (4) York
 (a) Background
 New York overwhelmingly enacted legislation recognizing
 marijuana's therapeutic utility. The measure_ known as the
 Antonio G. Olivieri Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research_
 Act, became law on June 30_ 1980. 219/ The legislation was named
 in honor of Antonio Go Olivieri, a populate young_ New York
 legislator and politician who fought for this legislation, only
 to die shortly after its enactment. Mr. Olivieri was also one of
 the first members of the ACT's Board of Advisors.
 The intent of the NeW York legislature is unclouded:
 Article 33-A,  3397_a mLegislative findings w
 The Legislature finds that recent research
 has shown that the use of marijuana may
 217/ /Z_. at 14g Table 13.
 _i_/ ACT Official State Reports _ Vol o II, Exhibit 15, "Annual
 Report to the Governor and Legislature on the Antonio G. Olivieri
 Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Programme New York
 State Department of Health, September l, 1981_ at i.
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